Cause the Computer turns off

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Computer turns itself off or restart without restarting the command of the user is a symptom that your computer is having problems. Would be a serious problem if not treated early because usually if there is a problem in the computer system it will interfere with the system to another. Why is the computer turns itself off? Computer turns itself off or restart is usually caused by the following factors:

computer shutting downOperating system on your computer is exposed to the virus so that when the program starts running, the computer suddenly die or restart by itself. Some of my personal experience any anti-virus updated and there’s forget for virus entry, then the computer will become very slow and sometimes hangs , then the computer can not shutdown. The best solution is re-install your operating system and do not forget to always update the antivirus on your computer.

The fan on the processor die temperature that cause your computer to be hot, if your bios settings, you set the maximum limit of the processor temperature when the temperature has exceeded the maximum limit then your computer will restart by itself. So you should first check the cooling fan, if any damage should be replaced.

The existence of a hardware malfunction or hardware of your computer. Usually the initial symptoms of damage to the motherboard or the processor cause the computer turns itself off.

Damage to the power supply, the power supply is a component that serves to supply power to devices that exist on the computer, so if the power supply output voltage is experiencing problems and started to decline, some cases will cause the computer to shut itself down.

Problems that exist in the article above are some of my own experience. And I expect any helpful comments of each article for this reference. Hopefully this article can be useful.

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