Flash drive Apacer AH223 4GB

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This time presenting Apacer AH223 4GBflash disk that has a charming design with a choice of four different colors, like green, yellow, blue, and red. As for the casing of these products use a white plastic material.

Flash drive Apacer AH223 4GB
Flash drive Apacer AH223 4GB

Flash disk is equipped with a casing cover at the top, so it is not easily separated. In addition, the flash disk is also equipped with indicator lights that will signal if the data processing activity is happening.

To type AH223, Apacer include integrated software installer called Apacer Compression Explorer you can download this application on this site product. The software serves to compress files up to 50% of actual size, depending on the type of file you want in compression. While the use of this software is quite easy and also flexible, as use of some software in general.

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