Free WordPress Theme: Jalan Lurus

Here is another free WordPress theme from Jauhari. In the month of Ramadhan when people share more, Jalan Lurus theme is released. It is the first one column theme (also the first black) created by Jauhari.

Jalan Lurus

The contrast between black background and light text should give your user much more reading experience on your blog. This theme is widget ready to ease you in arranging widget and control your content layout. Custom header image is also available as well as extra footer. Along with Jalan Lurus theme release, you can also download plugins required to run it.

More information about it can be found in Jalan Lurus theme page or click here to see it in action.

Happy changing your blog theme πŸ˜€


  1. Its entirely different than any other theme which was released previously here… Anyway, a nice one, but I don’t like such a dark black one…..

  2. Me too. Exactly that’s a nice template but I don’t really like the background using the dark color. πŸ˜•

  3. I think this is a BEAUTIFUL template. I love themes with a dark background and simple, elegant layout. I only wish I could upload it for free!

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