Themes Update and Localization Support

I want say thank to all of you who have reviewed or used my Free Themes. On this post I will give some themes update information and some new localization version. Right now, my Ayumi and vita have been translated into Germany languages by my friends Thomas Schneider. You can download Germany version on Ayumi and vita from themes download page. If you want to make other translations, please download my current themes, translate it into your chosen language and sent it back to me.

I updated some themes too, to support new WordPress there release, include image captions, gravatar and many more. So, if you still found any bugs or problem when using my free themes you can leave some comment or feedback in each themes page. Need custom or more professional services? or interested to check my portfolio? Go to my Professional Themes Designer web site.

Happy Ramadhan for all moslems in the world and keep blogging and make a better blogosphere world.

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