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Geni LogoThis is what I looking for, Family Tree! I was search this service for a long time and after blogwalking I found Geni, perfect application to recorded our family tree. Like Geni tagline “everyone’s related”. So what’s Geni?

Geni lets you create a family tree through our fun simple interface. You can expand your tree by adding relatives’ email addresses. They will be invited to join your tree and can add other relatives. Your tree will continue to grow as relatives invite other relatives.

Each family member has a profile which can be viewed by clicking their name in the tree. This helps family members learn more about each other and stay in touch. Family members can also share photos and work together to build profiles for common ancestors.

Geni is private. Only the people in your family tree can see your tree and your profile. Geni will not share your personal information with third parties. We will not sell your email address or spam you. Users control which communications they would like to receive from us.

The Main Family Tree application build on Flash with very fast loading. Family Tree Application support mouse pointer too, example if you try to scroll up or down on Family Tree Application they will auto zoom.

If you have any questions, please visit the Geni Forum or Geni Help:, or



  1. wah patut dicoba mas si geni itu,

    mengenai pertanyaan mas tentang foto, hihihi itu aku ambil dari situs lain (ada linknya di gambar). sudah dikoreksi dengan menambahkan source picture. Ya belum ada stok foto sih mas, pinjem foto dari situs lain aja dulu.

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