Painting with MyPaint 0.8.2

mypaint 3Painting is one hobby that is often said to be very difficult to do and also takes a long time and should have a special skill to be able to do so. But such presumption would not happen to you, because now you can use digital media to do many things, including paint. Lots of software that you can use to do so. You can look it up on the Internet, whether it is paid or free.

mypaint 2For such a program, usually known as digital Painter, where you can paint through the intermediary of software. One of the good software and also free is MyPaint version 0.8.2. This application is available for multiple operating system platforms, including Windows, Linux, and also some operating systems that support the software. One of the advantages of this software, although it is free is the presence of unlimited features canvass, so the user does not need to canvass to resize to the size you want to use for painting.

Like the only other graphics applications, this application also supports layers, although only limited to basic features. Various brush collection presented in this application, including charcoal and ink, so you can better painting results seem realistic.

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