Google Search Encryption

google searchCurrently, there are many Internet services that use an encryption system that serves to further protect the security of Internet users. The use of SSL is usually identified with the “https” at the beginning of a URL or a key icon on the browser’s status bar. At some sites, the use of SSL may be specifically limited to only certain pages, such as the login pages that function to encrypt the password and username login. Not only does online banking site or an e-commerce that uses SSL, but current search engines have also started to use these facilities, one example is Google.

ssl security systemAn encrypted connection is created between a user’s browser and Google as the search progresses, so that is expected to help secure the data that is not interrupted by a third party that existed at the network user. Google search process by SSL will be longer if compared with the standard Google Search, this is because SSL connections require additional time to setup encryption between the browser users with a remote web server.

There are some things you should look to use such facilities, especially for those who frequently access some online shopping, which in this case you are not allowed to use a public computer facilities used by many people. To overcome this, several solutions you can spend on them is only using a personal computer, because then, you have your personal data can not be accessed by others; such data are left cookies in your browser. However, to further optimize the use of this application, you should also equip your computer with Spyware facility, where this device will perform a scan to check the presence of malware or virus that is used to retrieve personal data via the Internet.

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