Google offer refund for Fraud Scam Victims Virus Shield Application

The victims of the scam application that has been the victim of fraud and download apps Virus Shield can now breathe easier. Those who have already download the application will get a refund directly from the Google. For information, the price of the application is for $ 3.99.

google play store

Parties are now Google has sent an email to the downloader application of the Virus Shield. For additional information, Google says that the email recipient has downloaded an application scam. And in return, Google will provide a refund within the next 14 days.

Google did not just give a refund. As a form of apology to the application of the scam, Google also gives Google Play Store credit for 5 USD the victims. The credits can be used to purchase a variety of applications, games, music, books and other content from the Play Store.

The existence Virus Shield application is indeed quite disturbing. How not, the paid applications had entered the third most popular paid applications. In addition, this application also become the most popular paid applications before the new Google remove it from the Play Store.


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