World ‘s Fastest Elevator Made in Hitachi

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A high-tech elevator will be built by Hitachi in Guangzhou CTF Finance Center building in China. The elevator building process was now underway. Interestingly, the lift it would be the world ‘s fastest with a speed of 45 mph or about 72 kilometers per hour.

high elevator lift in china

With these speeds, the elevator was able to cover the distance from the first floor to the 95th floor in the building in just 43 seconds. The building also will have a total of two units of elevators that can reach speeds of 72 kilometers per hour. In addition, there are also 93 other lifts that can reach speeds of 22 mph or 35 kilometers per hour.

As a security measure, Hitachi puts braking systems and arrangements in each floor. In the presence of such a safety system, the elevator is also expected to ensure the safety of its passengers. Especially if it is at an altitude of 439 meters.

Not only that, the lift is also equipped with other technologies which prevent lateral vibration. Not only that, there is also a useful technology to reduce the sensation of clogged ears due to pressure differences.

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