HIFU: Prostate Cancer Treatments

I realize that it’s not that easy for everyone though, and that’s why I’m excited that new techniques are always being found. Right now, a new prostate cancer treatment is in its 3rd round of FDA approval – that’s good news! The procedure is called a HIFU, which stands for high intensity focused ultrasound. Like the ablation that women can have, this is an technique that uses the power of an ultrasound to destroy tissue. It’s very targeted so there’s a minimum of damage to healthy tissue, and it’s a one time procedure. Instead of radiation and surgery for days and weeks, with a long recovery period, men can be done in a matter of hours, and just under a spinal, instead of general anesthesia.

Because this technique hasn’t passed the final round of FDA testing at this time, it can not be done in the US, but you can travel to Canada (Niagara Falls, in fact) and see a doctor there. And just like I preach about early detection for women, ALL men should know about prostate cancer symptoms and signs and be aware of changes to their health.



  1. Indeed HIFU is in stage III clinical trials right now and should be approved in a few years if all goes well. Nice post.

  2. More and more folks are looking into hifu as its available in most other countries. The US is lacking and I’m sure its financial driven reasons…most are in the US pharmacy/medical arena.

  3. University Urology Associates, you will find an outstanding staff of highly qualified employees skilled in patient care. Their friendly and professional attitude will help you feel very comfortable whether scheduling your first appointment or coordinating a surgical procedure.

  4. It’s good to hear more advanced treatments are available. I agree that early detection is crucial and we should always notice changes in our health. But I think before going anywhere, like Canada, you should consult YOUR doctor first.

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