How to maximize battery gadget from apple ( part 2 )

This article is continue from previous tips about maximize your gadget battery from Apple, such as :

Turn on airplane mode : When not using the internet or calling activity, it helps you turn off Airplane mode. This mode is going to turn off the phone reception and wireless, such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

battery for apple gadget

Avoid push email : If you often get a lot of emails, schedule on the calendar, and are in a condition always check with the synchronization, then these conditions can make the batteries run out quickly. To overcome this, you can perform checked it manually.

Avoid the use of sound : Using the sound of each activity would consume more battery than the activity in silence. Although it looks very simple, but this feature was very influential on your battery life.

Disable the function of location service : If you have never used this service, disable this feature can save you a longer battery life. This option can be found in Settings> General> and change the position to be “off”.

Turn off Bluetooth : To conserve battery, you can turn off the Bluetooth feature when not used, and turn it on again if you want to use. Similarly, the Bluetooth radio feature.

Hopefully with a few simple tips like these above, the battery life on gadgets, especially those derived from Apple could be more durable.


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