How to remove the default Android apps?

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It is common knowledge that Android phones now are kind of phones targeted by a lot of people. How not, the various advantages offered by the mobile phone dubbed the smartphone. One of them is its appeal many applications that can run on the phone, be it a game or chat application on various social media sites. Targeted because of the application and to be more loved by the consumers, it is not uncommon for android mobile phone manufacturers have been equipping their products with a wide range of applications.

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In addition to satisfying the consumer, it is also as one of the marketing strategy. But apparently not infrequently the application is not in accordance with the needs and desires of its customers. Let’s say, for a chat application that is loved by young children, but for adults among these applications are rarely used. It has been circumvented by the manufacturer, usually within one phone will be equipped with common applications such as maps, google search, gmail and can be used by adults as supporting the business. Gaming applications are also embedded to satisfy young people. But again, the number of applications it is not used and will only take a lot of phone memory.

In response, then Android users do not need to be confused because there is a separate way to remove all unwanted applications although the nature of the default on the phone. Default application or an application that is installed from the beginning made ​​a product which can not be easily removed. This is due to the android system that protect them.

Now, on the android market has provided an application that can delete unused default application. Condition, the android phone should be unlocked protection system known as Android or rooting. After rooting the phone in, it would appear that the sign Superuser app under the protection of mobile phones has opened. After that, the mobile users have to download the app Link2SD. This application is going to move apps from the internal memory to external memory and will remove the default application. The way is open the application manager menu, then select which application you want to delete, press until the selection and select the delete option.

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