HTML 5, Your Future HTML Editor

html 5The last few years are a time for the development of web technology. Important point of the web technology available today is how the trusted web application as an alternative to perform various forms of activities that previously could only be done by a desktop application. Many things have been achieved by a web application so far, such as for office applications, business, online game, online document collaboration, and some other activities we may not imagine at the time. Technically that is still a limitation is the ability to access the web application level low operating and accessing computer systems, which is one of the limitations of the browser as the client side. In May 2009, when Google announced a new service called Google Wave and demonstrations at the conference Google I / O, again made a breakthrough with the display capabilities impressive web applications, such as real-time collaboration between web sites, or drag and drop images from desktop to the browser. Wave is an example of Google’s web applications that use HTML 5 features, which this version of HTML features will complement the current, where the HTML is still has many deficiencies in the application.



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