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Danbo Happy Family
Danbo Happy Family

My first Free WordPress Themes is Pitr crafted and published in March 23, 2007. From this theme I got my first client from Denmark. This blogger needed to change font face to make this theme suitable for their blog.

And of course l am happy doing that, we request some donations and she sent me 70$. Wow that money is awesome for my Small Family in 2007.

Then I crafted another and another theme and released for public. Some of them already hosted in WordPress.org and I must put on another domain for some reason. What I really love, some of them (Our Theme users) made and modified and make it better and better from our original work. They change font, change color, add unique header and many more.

In 2013, my resolution is bring more and more Free WP Themes again and again. That’s all and thanks for all of you support.

Image Source http://www.flickr.com/photos/sindykids/3923895705/

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