How powerful tablet memory refresh

memory tabletA variety of applications and games that can be easily downloaded from the Market app (App Store), often hypnotic smartphone or tablet PC users to try it out. However, after feeling bored or diminishing memory capacity, you will delete the game application. But do you know if you remove an application from the android tablet is actually not completely relieve the memory?

Because each application that you delete the temporary file still remains true that still takes some memory. For example, logs, crash reports or debug files. Well, junk files as you also should wash before the uninstall process done. So, how to clean up the junk files? In general, you can do this using a technique notification process manually or with the aid of specialized applications. The solution for those who want to clean up android tablet from junk files.

How to manually:

  1. Before start the uninstall process application, first did clear data and cache. From the menu settings> applications> manage applications, then select the application you want to delete, next, click on the option. Clear data and clear the cache, after you just click uninstall.
  2. The next step, do the checks file using file manager. Typically, some of the applications that are installed, it will create a special folder will still be there even if the application is uninstalled. If there is in the application folder where you install it, just delete it folder. But, you have to be careful and make sure the folder is really trash.

Using the application:

If you do the manual way is still noticeably less than the maximum results, you can use the help of third-party applications. In the market applications (Google Play Store), an application that has a function to clean up junk files is quite a lot. One is the master clean (cleaner) made Ksmobile. This mandatory application for android users offers a comprehensive method for cache cleaning, residual files, packages and history app (Web browser, Google plsy store, Gmail, Clipboard).

Clean master can also turn off a running application, and can improve performance and save battery RAM. Interestingly, this application can be used for a smartphone / tablet original. This free application can be downloaded directly from google play store, or you can visit the official website of the developer to obtain further information at the address The capacity of the application installer file is about 1.4 MB and compatible for smartphone / android tablet version 1.6 and above.

  1. The initial view of the application is quite simple. You will be immediately presented with 4 options the cleaning process, the history, Resudial files, tasks and temp APKs.
  2. To perform the cleaning process, you just choose one of the options above. Once selected, you will get a collection of files that leaves files in the trash.
  3. Then, you just click on the option to delete it clean.
  4. For residual files, tasks and temp APKs, you can select a list of files which will be cleared. Just give a check mark in the option file are available. Next, click clean.

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