Command in Demand 10.2; Command on a computer

Command in Demand 10.2 is a software with a set of command (command on a computer) are installed for a particular purpose. Command in Demand provides an easy access to the user over 100 commands, and features on the Windows are usually difficult to find, and take a long time in accessing.

Command in Demand 10.2
Command in Demand 10.2

This program consists of a shortcut to end non responsive application, restart Windows Ex plorer, view/clear clip board, open a command prompt in the selected folder, access to system folders, see the TCP/IP configuration settings, look memory and CPU info, Safely Remove from the USB Drive, and so on.

Shortcut is divided into several sections according to related commands. If a command associated with more than one command other, then the button will call the command was to be found in different section. Command in Demand 10.2 support for 7/Vista/XP OS.

File Size: 8.79 MB
Price: Free
Download: Here


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