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I just want say, let support Herman Saksono.


  1. an open message to my president

    let’s be honest. back in 2004 indonesian presidential election, my first choice wasn’t SBY, but Amien Rais. but from five candidates running for president, Amien Rais ranked fourth, and the top two didn’t have the majority vote, so w…

  2. controversy surrounding the message

    at this moment i’m at CiToS, meeting with priyadi and his wife and also with judith ms, publicly known as the head of AWARI (Indonesian Internet Cafe Association) and also a lecturer in the field of cybercrime for the Indonesian Police Force.

  3. you can’t publish an illegal site address

    some interesting topics were discussed at my meeting with priyadi and judith ms (boy came very late at the meeting). as the SMS message explicitly stated that priyadi is a dangerous person, the cybercrime taskforce had marked priyadi as the next targe…

  4. Mulai sekarang kita jangan sebut namanya RS, mending pake sebutan You Know Who, soalnya kalau sebut namanya nanti malah tambah tenar.

  5. cheap journalism

    so, you want to make an online news media? easy, just build a website and then write anything the pornomatics expert blurted out. surely followed that formula when they posted how priyadi “is being intensively interrogated by both t…

  6. Blog adalah kebebasan berkreasi…

    Tentu saja pasti ada batasan2 yang harus dipenuhi, seperti jangan menyangkut SARA, Porno, dll…

    Maju terus blogger Indonesia.

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