Lockheed Fury 1500, the best Drone Robot

Robot drones usually have limited ability to fly. This is because they are designed with limited fuel. Moreover, robotic drones have also demanded that petite body as possible. But the problem is not owned by a drone named Lockheed Fury 1500.

robot drone

The drone robot was designed for the benefit of intelligence tasks, monitoring or surveillance. This robot is the result of collaboration between Lockheed Martin by the U.S. Air Force. With the ability to be able to fly long ago, the 1500 Fury was very fitting to be used as a means of surveillance.

Furthermore, these drones are also designed to be able to fly with a foundation that is not too long. Instead, these drones can fly by using a pneumatic launcher. For fuel, JP8 Fury 1500 is wearing. In it, there is a motor with 2KW power used to drive the three rotors in the rear.

This robot is capable of flying at a maximum height of up to 5.48 kilometers. The distance that can be reached by drones is also very much, until 2700 kilometers. In addition, these drones are equipped with infrared sensors and EO.

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