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Email is a feature that is widely used by smartphone users. Sometimes, users have more than one email account. The number of email addresses to make you should always open your emails one by one through a different inbox. Windows phone 7.5 allow you to run more than one e-mail in it. This platform has a feature called linked box, which you can use to unify multiple email inboxes into an inbox. Certainly shorten the time in opening email instead? Steps following steps:

  • When it has more than one email, then you will have some access to the email inbox. Open one of your email.
  • Select the option that is in the bottom right.
  • Then you will see several options, the link Inboxes.
  • Then the phone will display your email inbox and choose another email account inbox. Select another email that you wish to unite in the inbox.
  • Once the email has become the one shown below, select rename linked inbox.
  • Name your inbox that you will unite with the typing, and select the check mark at the bottom.
  • Then email you will are in one inbox.
  • When on the homescreen, some email inbox which originally separated now become one,
  • If you are already a single inbox, how to send email? How select the icon (+) under the far left.
  • Select your e-mail address that will be used as the return address.
  • After that you can send an e-mail as usual.
  • When you receive an email from someone with a different email address, it will appear as below. You stay open.
  • To know this sent it email from the address where you can open and view the information in message headers
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