Vignette on Android application

Vignette is a camera application that lets you combine 70 filters and 50 kinds of frames to create stunning photo effects. Vignette is also a full-featured camera app like digital zoom, time-lapse, self-timer and so on. With vignette you can adjust the volume button as a physical shutter button. You can also open the application directly from the lock screen if your phone has been using android 4.0 ice cream sandwich. Vignette itself present in the demo version as well as premium, which sold for 2.9 dollars.

MX player on Android application options
Watch the video of course is an activity that is commonly undertaken for Smartphone users, especially for android user exception. But what would happen if your phone is not able to play video in a certain format? Of course you do not want to bother doing it first convention, is not it?. PlayStore been fortunate in a lot of developers who create applications for playing video in various formats. One is MX Player which provides support for various video formats as well as the ability to display subtitles. MX Player exploit codec operating under the processor chipset used by the phone. MX Player is also well equipped with features pinch to zoom and screen lock function to lock the screen in order to avoid one dial while playing a video.

Sound hound on android application options
The next application is related to the entertainment, which allows you to identify a song just by listening to the song snippet. With SoundHound, users who were in the cafe and was intrigued by the song being played can easily figure out the title enough to activate the application. Once SoundHound managed to get the title, then you can also search for song lyrics.

Tune wiki on android application options
Tune wiki is a music player application that is equipped also with a scrolling lyrics display follows the currently playing song. In addition to displaying the lyrics, you can also share it on facebook and twitter. In addition to identifying features song titles such as SoundHound. If you want to explore more music, then you can also join the TuneWiki community that allows you to see the most popular song that is shared by the community. Not stopping here, tune wiki also helped bring a group of radio streaming feature list based radio station that streams music wants.


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