One Monitor with Two Sense Monitor, Interesting isn’t?

Here I will share with you tips on how to keep the only monitor that we have can be used just like using two monitor? Surely this is not cost extra like to add one additional PC units or one unit of additional monitors.

WinSplit Revolution
WinSplit Revolution

This time we will use the application WinSplit Revolution. WinSplit Revolution is a small utility that can help you organize the open windows so as to maximize the use of monitors. WinSplit Revolution is suitable for use on large monitors with higher resolutions, although did not rule can also be used in small-sized monitor.

WinSplit Revolution can be downloaded for free from Last version 11.04 (April 12, 2011) the file size of 1.47 MB.

  1. Install WinSplit Revolution as usual.
  2. To run, double-click the icon WinSplit Revolution in the system tray.
  3. Will pop up a small window that comes with arrows.
  4. WinSplit Arrow
    WinSplit Arrow
  5. To use it, activate the window to set up, and then click the appropriate arrow. After clicking the four diagonal arrows, then the four windows in the example would look like this.
  6. WinSplit Arrow Revolution Result
    WinSplit Arrow Revolution Result
  7. If you want to share the window size according to need, right-click the icon WinSplit Revolution, and select Layout settings.
  8. WinSplit Revolution option
    WinSplit Revolution option
  9. Here, you can adjust the percentage of screen used for each arrow.
  10. WinSplit Layout Settings
    WinSplit Layout Settings

Hopefully you can apply it on your computer, good luck.



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