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From the name, you might have guessed this game website dedicated to the children. Yes, indeed identical with the Primary Games Primary School or Elementary School in our educational system. Games that were here were designed for elementary school age children.

Primary Games Site
Primary Games Site

This website clasified its games based on several themes, such as school subjects, skills, and dexterity. Under each theme, there are more specific categories, such as Language Arts for language themed games, Math for math games, and others.

This website is very helpful for parents who want to introduce their children to de with the computer. In addition to practicing psychomotor (control mouse), the games are here also to help the children memorize lessons at school. Hmm … if the addicted to playing games here, well not ya?

We as parents also need to introduce technologies that exist today to children early on. Everything is an option.

Written by kaylee
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