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How to use Sendible, Scheduler for Update Your Facebook Status

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How often do you update the status on Facebook? If you like to update your Facebook status on the basis of activities undertaken, you can simplify the update the status by using the scheduling.

Sendible Home Screen
Sendible Home Screen

One of the web application to schedule updates on the status of social networking is Sendible. By using Sendible, you canschedule a status of what appears at any given time. Here I will share the steps using Sendible to schedule a status update on Facebook:

  • Sign in to and lists as members. After registering, you will receive an e-mail confirmation to activate your account.
Sendible Sign Up
Sendible Sign Up
  • If you have an active account, sign in using a username when registering earlier.
  • Click Add Social Network to register a Facebook account in the account Sendible.
  • Of the many services provided, select the Facebook Status, click the Add link.
  • Enter your username or email your Facebook account. Sendible will also need access to your Facebook account
  • You, so it will show a confirmation whether Sendible allowed to have access rights to update the status in accordance with ascheduled it.
Allow sendible permission
Allow sendible permission
  • After registering Sendible Facebook status on the service, you can go back to box Message Box tab to begin
  • schedule status is about to appear. Click the tab box Mes sage box, then enter the Compose menu.
  • Click the Facebook service status and link scheduling. You can set whether the status will be updated now, at any given time, 10minutes later, up to 4 hours.
sendible schedule
sendible schedule

I hope this post can help you to schedule your facebook status.

Written by kaylee
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