How to Chat with ChitChat in Facebook

One of the benefits of Instant Messenger (IM) such as Yahoo! Messenger and GTalk is that they can still run in the desktop, without having to open the browser. Facebook has not officially launched the desktop version of a chat program, but you can try this program if it was difficult to open the page up just to chat.

ChitChat Home Screen
ChitChat Home Screen

ChitChat is a free desktop program to run the Facebook chat without having to open a Facebook page. ChitChat several advantages are:

  1. Easy to use, simply download, install, and then login.
  2. Fixed support Chat tab, so it can more easily chat with many people.
  3. Notifi cation directly on the desktop, so you will instantly know if someone is sending a message.

ChitChat is available in several languages ​​including English, German, Spanish, and French. To use it, follow these steps:

  • Open the page in the official ChitChat, then click the Download button to get the fi le ChitChat installer. The latest version ChitChat time this article was written is 1.45, with a file size of 3.203 MB installer.
  • After downloading the installer is finished, do the installation process as usual. Note that ChitChat will offer you to install the browser plugin. Delete option, if you do not want it. Continue the installation process to complete.
ChitChat Facebook Instalation
ChitChat Facebook Instalation
  • ChitChat will bring up the login window like Yahoo! Messe nger. Fill in your email address for Facebook and its his password. Once you log in, then ChitChat will display a window that read: Do you want to change the status that you are currently using the chat Chit Chat. Select No, if you do not want to change it.
ChitChat Sign In
ChitChat Sign In
  • After a successful login process, you can instantly start a chat de with your online friends. System that uses tabs to simplify the display so it does not require a lot of windows, such as on Yahoo! Messenger.
ChitChat Facebook
ChitChat Facebook

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  1. Saya sudah coba software ini, tapi sepertinya saya lebih suka fitur baru Yahoo Messenger 11, fitur chatting dengan facebook list nya mantab…
    disamping ringan, juga lebih praktis menurut saya…
    Nice postingan mas jauhari… Saya selalu mengikuti artikel2 keren dari anda..

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