Primary Reason Why Apple Grosses More Than Android

Apple is an old company that invented and sold some of our oldest computer systems. They are still creating Apple Mac computers. They are an old and powerful company that has a great deal of credibility and a high reputation. The Google Company created a search engine that quickly became the biggest and most powerful search engine in the world. With their research and development team, they have made the move into mobile operating systems. They created the Android OS, which is now installed on more varieties of Smartphone and tablet device than any other type of operating system.

Here is a little more history

Android Logo HQ
Android Logo HQ

Apple is a company that has been running for many more years than Google. They have had a rocky career. They dominated the computer market until they accidentally helped Bill Gates in his creation of Microsoft, the most powerful company in the world. They appeared to be surviving on a loyal Apple Mac fan base up until 2007 when they created the first iPhone. The iPhone and its later incarnations have made them billions of dollars.

Tablet devices came along and provided another revenue stream

Along came the new trend for tablet devices and Apple jumped on the bandwagon too. They created the iPad which became a roaring success and even today is still of a higher build quality than anything else on the market. This continued their trend for making billions.

Android is an operating system with little hardware of its own

Even with the new Google Nexus 7, they cannot compete with Apple. Apple has a range of highly sophisticated and high quality technology at their disposal. They are producing both a high quality piece of software (the iOS) and high quality hardware (iPads and iPhones). The Google Company are selling their Android OS to lots of tablet and phone manufacturers, but they still cannot compete with the collaboration of Apple hardware and software.

The Apple Company is still able to charge massive prices

Going back to the Google Nexus 7, did you know that you can buy two and a half Google Nexus 7 devices for the price of just one iPad 4? The Apple company have such a strangle hold over the rights to their software and hardware that if you are not willing to pay the over inflated prices then you are not able to own one. Apple have made the choice very simple, in that if you want the best then you have to pay a lot of money for it.

In conclusion – Why do Apple gross more than Google’s Android

Because Apple are better at it! They are better at creating hardware, and they have made their software exclusive so you cannot get it elsewhere. Unlike Google who have made the Android available to any company that is willing to pay for a licence. Apple is better at building, designing and marketing their products, and is better at setting prices and sticking to them. Apple is an old company that survived the appearance of Microsoft and is still going strong.

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  1. all because of the persistence of the apple developers that until now both hardware and software apple products remain at the forefront

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