The iPhone App Development Process

The Apple development culture is very different from that of all other software programmers. The programming community cannot be sure why this is the case, but it seems that people who set out to be iOS app developers always seem to end up being uncooperative, unforgiving, unfriendly and unhelpful.

ioS 6 Logo HQ
ioS 6 Logo HQ

The programming community as a whole are the most helpful and cooperative people on the planet. People spend hours of their own time creating and improving open source code, just for the good of their fellow man. And, programming forums are chock full of expert programmers giving a helping hand to other programmers, who go on to spread what they have learned.

And yet, the Apple iOS programming forums are a shadow of other programming forums. People are snotty, mean, uncooperative and condescending. It seems that there is a “pull the ladder up” culture that seems to have bred from the distinct money making possibilities that comes with iOS app development. Here is the process that most iOS developers go through.

The brainstorming, analysis and planning phase

Ideas for the app must be brainstormed. Many people will know what they want their app to do, but will have to sit down and think about how they are going to achieve their goals. They will also have to think of other ideas to integrate into their designs, since few users are going to be pleased with an app that performs just one single function. Each idea is analyzed and entered into a plan during the planning phase.

The idea development phase

This is when the project plan is finalized, and the developer starts to look seriously at how the app will function and look. Designs are created that show what the app will look like, and how its user interface will look. There are also wire-frame models made, and quite often, a map of the functions will be made to show how user gets from one function to the next.

The app development phase

This is where the real programming begins and the user interface is created. The user interface is then used as an anchor point. Every other page/section/element will be linked and attached to the user interface in some way. As each slab of code is added to the app, further testing is done to ensure the app is doing what it is supposed to.

The app is developed and finalized

The app is finished as the developer checks that all of the goals set out in the plan have been achieved. A preliminary test is done by the developer to see if there are any obvious bugs in the system.

The Quality Assurance (QA) team does their job

They will vigorously test the app and check the written code. They are looking for bugs and unexpected errors that may occur through unexpected use. The QA team has to assume that people will use the app in an atypical way. So they have to be sure that if a user is reckless or careless with their app, that the app will not freeze, corrupt or break down.

The app is published

It may then be submitted to the people at Apple to check to see if it eligible for sale via their websites. It is also tested to make sure it is safe for their users to download. If all goes well then you may sell your app via the Apple sales portals.

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