What is Social Bookmarking? Any benefit there?

social bookmarkingSocial Bookmark is a service that is used to submit the article. Nowadays a lot of sites that provide common services for bloggers to share or submit an article. With the sharing and submit articles from these bloggers, the social bookmarking site is always updated. So what benefits submits an article on a social bookmarking site?

Traffic raise or Number of Visitors Blog

I previously had discussed the ways to increase the number of visitors to our blog. Increasing the number of visitors, that’s the main function of social bookmarks. Why is that? Logically with the article submits articles to a social bookmarking, means more way for other bloggers to go to our blog. We all know, with submit an article to the social bookmarking, then we will connect our URL address in the article. Then if the social bookmarking site visitors are reading some text from our articles and are interested to read the whole article, he will automatically go to our blog with a URL link in our blog we are posting the article.

The first function is very suitable for the blog that is dedicated to capture as many visitors. In this case is the blog that is devoted to advertising or a publisher of a product. Alexa rank is certainly a very important thing for these blogs. If you are a publisher of ppcindo or the like, would know the benefits alexa rank of a blog;)

Raise Pagerank

In addition to increasing traffic or the number of blog visitors. Apparently submit articles to social bookmarking will also affect the pagerank, let alone reply is social bookmarking dofollow adopts. This is related to the number of links that we have to Link your social bookmarking site. With many successful links we place, the easier for Searh engine to find our articles. Well, if you blog more easily found by search engines, blogs assessment in the eyes of search engines would be the better. This course will strengthen our position in the blog search results or SERP. Especially now more local SEO contest season, Recognize and Object Object Check in Pandeglang and National Identity Restoring instance, is very important submit articles on the social bookmarking contest to increase backlinks to our article.

Once we know the function submit articles to social bookmarking, then we are now looking for social bookmarking sites available. Now, with regard to this, I have provided at least 200 social bookmarks you can use to increase pagerank or traffic to your blog. Social bookmarking allows you download by clicking the link below. Welcome to download and hopefully useful


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