How to fix error after changing the Template on Blogspot

blogspot errorYou may often experience errors when changing the template from downloads on the internet. Errors that often occur normally use code BX. This error is actually very easy for you to fix, but if you still do not understand how to overcome these errors, it often makes you frustrated. There are some tricks you can try to overcome these errors, including:

  • Open the template you’ve downloaded by using Notepad or WordPad. Right-click the file, then select “Open with> Worpad”
  • Search widget code in the template ID, then press “Ctrl + F”, then write in the search box widget ID.
  • Try searching one by one because there will be some code that reads the widget ID.
  • Every time you find a widget structure ID, change the widget ID number into two digits. Suppose you discover the structure <b: widget id = ‘example2’, then you should replace with the code <b: widget id = ‘example21’
  • Do for other widget until all those widgets id number more than 1 point.
  • After completion, then save the template that you have to edit it.
  • The last step you have to do is to install the template again.

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