Indexed by Google within 24 hours, really?

google logoThere is no guarantee if we can site listed on Google within a quick time. Usually to do this takes about 2 to 3 weeks. If you already have a website or blog that is already listed in Google of course it is very beneficial for you. Some things you should notice that your site can be quickly found in the top search engines, including:

Google webmaster tools

Google gives easy for makers and web sites. They provide the address to make it easier to know some of the new site address listed. To do this, you can visit and take short script already available. Follow the instructions, and then enter the code below and before <body> <head>. Bloggers who use WordPress platform would be easier to use this application; you just simply install the Google XML Sitemaps plugin, install, and run.
Social bookmarking

Social bookmarking website has a special advantage. Besides can be used as a place to share bookmarks, can also be used as a tool, especially for new blogs. Some social bookmarking site of them is digg,, stumbleupon, and several similar sites that you can use.
Take advantage Blog ping

Blog ping method is popular among bloggers. Blog pinging useful for fishing search engine bots to visit one site or blog. But not too often do blog ping, because it is also less effective. You can make blog ping every time you publish or recent articles.


  1. Funny I should see this post today. I have written a post a few days ago and forgot to click the Publish button in WordPress.
    I did that this morning and within 2 hours I got a Google Alert about that post.

    Are you able to explain how that hapened?

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