When a malware infected your PC

Trend is steadily declining PC sales, but most of us would have been familiar with the PC. Well, in fact most of the PC -based windows as we all know is an easy target various malware. Why? Because of the use.


So this is a fertile arable land for cyber criminals to profit financially from the users. However, there is also pointed out that the windows do not provide authentication well enough so it’s easy on malware infiltrated. Therefore the windows trying to fix it in Windows 8. Although the fort more perfect, in a program, it does not mean that fortress so no gaps that could be used to infiltrate the system. Well, here are some things you need to consider when you’re middle of malware-infected PCs.

  1. Ad popup appears even when we do not open the browser. This incident may not be much, but the adware program used to bombard victims with ads. Advertised products may have been legal, but can also contain links to malicious websites. When you click on the site, then they will send even more malware.
  2. Navigation diverted when your browser is running. Indeed, not all redirects to another site is a sign you’re infected. But if you are looking for but instead taken to a Google search foreign sites, you can bet there is a problem here. The transfer usually takes more subtle. For example, a banking Trojan will redirect your browser to a fake website that looks very similar to the look of your bank e – banking. One way to check is by looking at the URL in the address bar.
  3. Security software is never installed popup contains a dire warning. Beware of fake antivirus which is usually spread by warning popup that your system has been infected. Once you click it, drive – by downloads will work and they will sneak into the system. The fake antivirus will then display a chilling reminder that there is a dangerous threat on the PC. To fix it, you also need to register and make payment. Process improvement is of course fake antivirus super fast, because they do not actually do anything.
  4. You write a post that does not suddenly appear in your social media pages. Malware that attack facebook and other social media, spread by posting false. Usually this kind of post using statements that provokes others to click on a link or picture. When your friend clicks the link, he becomes the next victim.
  5. A program to lock your PC for ransom, a malware program can encrypt all the data on your PC and demanded a ransom so that you can access it again. There are express it directly, there is also a disguise.
  6. Suddenly you could not use some system tools. Intelligent users will immediately check the task manager to see unusual activity at not bad systems infected with malware when they are feeling. Or check the settings using the registry editor. But if all of a sudden this tool cannot be opened with a warning that the administrator disabled the download, this possibility is self-defense efforts of the malware.
  7. All was normal. Some types of malware are clever hiding, leaving no trace. State of peace does not mean your computer is safe, because it could be a bot has been embedded and wait for the command to work to control the system. Could be too remote access Trojan secretly busy collecting personal data. 

One of the protections that are suggested is to install powerful security software. If you already have, make sure security software is always updated. Therefore, cyber criminals have always had a new way to infect. Let it not only makes security software updated is as short fence that easily skipped criminals.



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