EPUB and MOBI are two commonly used format eBook publishers. EPUB (Electronic Publication) is a standard format for eBooks, while Mobi often used by the user output device amazon kindle fire.


The difference, in Mobi format you will find DRM protection capabilities that you can not get to ePub. If, you just install the app ebook reader for mobi format on your PC or tablet, while the ebook that you download using the ePub format, you must convert your ebook to mobi format.

The solution is EPUB to MOBI. With a simple interface, you can change the file, especially if you have to change in many files at once. Upload conversion one by one instead? This application is available for free and you can install on the operating system Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Please undu app at: http://www.epubtomobi.com/index.html, then cli download button.

Let’s change the ePub to Mobi to EPUB to MOBI:

  1. Run the app that you have downloaded. To start the conversion process, click the File menu, and select add files or add a folder.
  2. Cruising files or folders to find the file you are going to ePub conversion, to add a folder, you can put all your files will be convertible into one folder, and select the folder to run the conversion on all the files stored therein.
  3. After all files are added, click file and choose convert, all ePub files that you add will be converted, and placed in a folder that you can choose yourself.
  4. Once the conversion process is complete, a pop up window appears successfully convert information contains notice.

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