Wifi flame when Connected charger

google play logoAs an Android smartphone user, you may often connect phone to computer and enable wifi to connect to internet. When you are in a wifi area and a computer, you can plug a device into the computer for charge while connected to a wifi network, or vice versa. Wifi will activate the automatic wifi when the device is connected via USB and turn off wifi when the device is in charge. This automatic wifi app can be downloaded on google play in http://play .google.com store / store / apps / detail? Id = com.dordsoft.wifiauto.

How to work wifi automatic:

  • Run the app, then tap the button in the middle of the home screen app. You can enable and disable the app as a background service that checks if the charge smartphones via USB.
  • Tap the button in order to configure the settings of your service. You can turn on the sound notification when the smartphone is connected / not connected with the USB cable to tap the notification sound.
  • Tick off the automatic turn on wifi to automatically turn on wifi when connected with a USB cable.
  • Tick off the automatic turn off wifi to turn off wifi when not connected to the USB cable.
  • Tap on additional options to get the option turn off immediately, delay 30 seconds with the option to ignore, and the previous state before the charger connection.
  • If you press the radio button previous state before the charger connection, the app will save the status of wifi on the device and activate the device in the USB cable to plug it in again.
  • You can activate wifi connection for 30 seconds while the device is not connected to the USB cable to download the option trap delay 30 seconds with options to ignore.

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