Wear old start menu with quick access to Windows 8

Eliminated windows start menu of Windows 8, which are used to make windows 7, might start menu windows 8 feel less comfortable. Here’s how to enable the start menu by way of windows 7 in windows 8:

  1. Visit http://www.windows8startbutton.com/.
  2. Select the download now button and start downloading apps for windows 8.
  3. When the download is complete, run and install.
  4. After the installation is complete, restart the computer. You do not need to do any configuration with this application. After the restart, the start button will pop up left corner of the screen like windows 7 and you can use it like in windows 7. When clicked, the button will also display the list of applications in the two panels as windows 7. Easily you can more quickly access music folders, documents, images and more. button also provides faster access to turn off the computer. The user in windows 8 no longer need to refer to the charm bar. Setting then to power just to do shutdown. Now just a click away!

Windows 8 has a new UI look such as contained on windows phone. In Windows 8, there are a lot of new keyboard shortcuts to facilitate users to access new features windows. Using keyboard shortcuts, windows feature can be activated immediately without having to go to the start menu on-screen menu.

Here are the keyboard shortcuts in Windows 8:

  • Windows + Q: looking for an application.
  • Windows + W: search on paramer system.
  • Windows + I: display settings
  • Windows + O: disable screen rotation.
  • Windows + C: displays the “charms”: setting, device, share, search option.
  • Windows + D: show the desktop.
  • Windows + E: displays explorer.
  • Windows + F: displays the search.
  • Windows + I: displays settings.
  • Windows + L: lock the PC.
  • Windows + H: open the charm bar share.
  • Windows + X: show admin menu in the left corner of the screen.
  • Windows + P: switch the display to a second screen or projector.
  • Windows + R: display box run.
  • Windows + U: open the ease of acces center.
  • Windows + Z: displays the right-click menu as when in full-screen mode metro app.
  • Windows + +: zoom in.
  • Windows + _: zoom out.
  • Windows + Enter: enable the narrator.
  • Windows + Spacebar: change the language.
  • Windows + Tab: move between application that is running.

There is a hotkey in windows explorer. How to use, press the ALT key plus the following key combinations:

  • A: to open the “special features”.
  • C D: to copy the selected item.
  • C P: copy the path to the file / folder.
  • CF: copy folder using the drop-down list.
  • D: delete the selected item.
  • E: edit the selected file.
  • H: to show the file version history.
  • M: move the file.
  • N: Create a new folder.
  • P S: insert label.
  • P R: open properties.
  • PE: open with, select the application again using a drop down list.
  • S A: select all.
  • S N: deselect.
  • S I: invert the selection.
  • R: rename the selected file.
  • Q: cut.
  • V: paste.
  • W: to create a new document, select the template – use the drop-down list.

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