Through smartphones and tablets with a variety of exciting applications

Smartphones and tablets have become a popular device for taking pictures or see it. Canon sees this and offers easy to print directly from smartphones and tablets on the number of devices inject Specific her. Yes of it, almost all inject multifunction printer canon wireless technology brings mobile printing. Iphone and ipad users can download the application directly eUPP free through the app store, and allow users can download free android app EPP through google play. This system works infrastructure through access points. Call this slick guy. For the record EPP stands for easy print.

In addition to a variety of interesting applications, printers and multifunction inject certainly not independent of the prints he made. For appliances inject, the print quality is strongly influenced by the ability of the print head in the ink sprayed on the surface of the paper used to inject canon printers and multifunction, printing technology used, precisely on the print head can produce ink droplets with a size consistent and fast so that it can print images with high quality without reducing speed. There are also 100 + chromalife technology that can make long-lasting photo prints. Chromalife 100 + is a system in which each of the prints can last up to 300 years, of course, with provisions such as using original Canon ink and paper.

Ink that is widely used in printer ink dye is injected, but some inject printer using pigment inks. In the dye, the dye is used to react chemically with the liquid used to form a homogeneous ink. Dyes Her premises are fully integrated liquid form compounds. color dye inks typically offer a wider and cheaper production, but generally lose out in terms of time and resistance to water. Because absorbed by the paper, possibly seep into surrounding larger case makes acuity reduced. In pigment inks, dyes they use usually do not react to form a solution with the liquid used. In other words, its dye particles are not fully integrated with the liquid.

Because it is not absorbed by the paper, sharpness awake. Durability awake. Immunity to this time and the water is often times better. Unfortunately, the resulting color is usually less extensive dye solution and its production costs are higher. Compromises are often used by device manufacturers inject is using pigment ink for black and use dye to color. Compromise is also used by canon on a number of devices inject it.


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