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Of statistics on the internet that I know WordPress is used by bloggers in the world is equal to 80 % of the market of existing similar software. It is very popular WordPress for blogging purposes. But if every blogger managed to take advantage of all the features that are useful to show the blog on the search engines? How writing can be known by others if they can not find it? Is reasonably rely on search engines like Google, Ask, Yahoo, Live Search to index it, right?

optimize your wordpress blog

This might be enough but for most blog page, which is managed is the way to optimize it so that it can quickly be found on all search engines. This article specifically for beginners who are just learning to optimize WordPress on search engines. Does not teach how to install WordPress, please review the installation procedures on several previous tutorial.

Follow the steps below to optimize your WordPress based your blog to be easily indexed by search engines.

  • Determination of the blog title and keywords (keywords )
  • Make sure you select the title of the blog that has a significant meaning
  • Easy to remember and pronounce
  • Describe in general of the entire contents of the blog page
  • Update the service status and blog content
  • Every time you hold updates to the content

It is quite important so that others know that your blog has made updates to the contents of the blog. This way you will have a blog owned more social life, more public and more easily noticed by readers and other blog pages. Please download some URLs that you can use to ping when you do content updates.

Written by The Master
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