Chensun Mills Helps Local Children’s Ability To Learn With Interactive Metronome

Chensun Mills Helps Children Enhance Their Self Esteem With Interactive Metronome Therapy

Children Smile - Chensun Mills
Children Never Ending Smile
While many people still may not have heard of Interactive Metronome therapy, Chensun Mills encourages parents to learn about this form of training that has made profound differences for many children for the past decade. This innovative, rhythmical neuro-therapy is designed to help children and adults who have ongoing issues with concentration, learning, coordination, motor control, and speech processing.

While no longer actively practicing, Chensun Mills continues to believe in the benefits of the therapy and, when possible, supports children in her community on a volunteer basis.

Chensun Mills Learns from the Children She Teaches

Children diagnosed with ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sensory Integration Disorder, and other learning disabilities often struggle to focus on information being presented to them. During sessions of Interactive Metronome therapy, Chensun Mills helps her clients to learn to synchronize repetitive hand or foot movements with a rhythmic tone they hear through a headset. The patients are shown how accurate their synchronization is through both visual and audio encouragement. As the patient’s accuracy and rhythm improves, the children’s practice periods get longer and more challenging.

What kind of results can patients expect from Interactive Metronome therapy? Chensun Mills frequently sees her patients’ academic performance improve as they are able to more readily concentrate. In addition, muscle control, coordination, stability and stamina all tend to be benefits to the therapy. Chensun Mills tries to stay involved, even it it is on a limited basis, as long as these kids are benefiting.

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