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Seesmic 1.2 for iPhone – Improvements to UI, Facebook Pages, Language Support and More! I am wake up early in this morning and check up my iPhone App Store. And Seesmic make me happy and have a new spirit to enjoy and conqueror my days ;)

Seesmic for iPhone iconI’ve download Seesmic for iPhone for a while and decide to remove this app from my iPhone after got many problem. Randomly Crash, didn’t stable and many more. That way I decided to use another client.

But in Seesmic 1.2 that details update coverage on this post. I am more satisfied so far. This app really fast and easy to use with UI improvement.

This is General Features that has been added it Seesmic 1.2 for iPhone

Seesmic for iPhone Screenshot - 2
Seesmic for iPhone Screenshot – 2

What’s New in Seesmic Version 1.2 for iPhone

Seesmic General features

  • App available in 5 more languages: Japanese, Spanish, German, French and Korean. Thanks to all our translators for their precious help!
  • Tutorial at launch of the app to help you discover the main features of the app
  • Ability to navigate through updates with up and down arrows from the detail view of the updates
  • Ads are now moving with the timeline, are less intrusive and you can pay to remove them completely from the app from the Settings
  • Landscape mode when viewing a link from the application
  • Settings are now accessible from inside the application, on the Spaces screen
  • Ability to change the text size of the timeline from the Settings
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements
Seesmic for iPhone Screenshot - 1
Seesmic for iPhone Screenshot – 1

Seesmic Twitter features

  • Ability to see and load the gap in a timeline if a lot of tweets have been missed
  • Inline image preview in timeline and detail view of tweets
  • Ability to see all the Replies to a user from his profile
  • Display of users that Retweeted a tweet now works correctly
  • Settings of the application are now accessible from the application directly, on the Spaces screen
  • Ability to access the saved searches of your Twitter account from the top of the timeline or when adding a search as a Space
  • TweetPhoto is now Plixi

Seesmic Facebook features

  • You can post to the Facebook Pages you’re admin of. Simply select a page on the Composer account selector and send a post.
  • Posts to the wall of someone are now correctly displayed in the feed
  • Like button has been moved to the bottom of the screen
  • Comments of a story are now loaded faster
  • Links posted on Facebook are now properly attached as links

I know Seesmic 1.2 much better, but I still miss some important tools on Seesmic 1.2 for iPhone, and here the list request that MUST be added in the future release

  • Push Notifications please
  • Icon/Menu to add user as mention like on many Twitter Client has use it. Maybe with Auto Complete username much better
  • Icon/Menu to add hashtags, with auto complete just like on username request
  • Add icon/menu to grab currently play song and twits it as #NowPlaying or #NP

Maybe that’s important request right now, if this request has added, I will happy to remove the ads by purchase and Download Seesmic for iPhone without Ads, you can download this App here

Lastly… well done for the update ;)






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