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How do you share documents, with only 140 characters twitter

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Hello everyone, this time I will share information to you how so that we can share documents in our twitter account. As we already know, there are various websites and applications that can be used to share documents. Unfortunately, the way is tedious because you must create an account and then upload it manually.

TwitDoc Site Image
TwitDoc Site Image

Well, now with 140 characters, you can share your documents. One application that we will use is TwitDoc. This application is actually just playing around with another service, ie which is a document sharing site that was already big enough.

Without small talk again, let’s start by following the steps below:

  • The first step is to open the page by using a web browser. This application requires you to login with your twitter account. Click the button to sign in with twitter to continue.
TwitDoc Sign In Image
TwitDoc Sign In Image
    • Fill in your username and password. Then click the Sign In button.
    • Once the authentication process is complete, you can start sharing documents. Enter your tweet and then upload the document by selecting the files you want, and click Upload.
TwitDoc Upload Image
TwitDoc Upload Image
  • If you look on your twitter account pages, appeared a new tweet with a link. Click on the link to open it.
  • After that you will be obvious that these applications utilize service for sharing documents.
TwitDoc Documents
TwitDoc Documents

Now that you’ve managed to divide your document, you can print them, read them, download them, or see in full screen. But of course that all must follow the requirements of Scribd. At least you managed to share a document use the 140 character Twitter. Good luck.

Written by kaylee
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