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How to Find out Friends that Delete You from Friends List

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Want to know which ones of your friends, delete you from the friends list on Facebook. It was easy, just use Unfriend Finder.

Greasemonkey Logo
Greasemonkey Logo

Unfriend Finder is a kind of script that can be installed on any browser. Once installed, you just log into Facebook, and let Unfriend Finder do the job. But Unfriend Finder are not retroactive.

He could only keep track of who takes away your friends, after installing Unfriend Finder.

Okay, Follow This guide how to do this.

  1. Run the browser. For example, we use Firefox. For those who use other browsers, then the way is different.
  2. Install the add-on Greasemonkey from Click Add to Firefox.
  3. Greasemonkey add-ons
    Greasemonkey add-ons
  4. In the window that appears, click Install Now, then restart Firefox.
  5. Now, open Click Install.
  6. userscripts
  7. In the window that appears, click Install.
  8. Now, open up and wait. If you have a friend who removed you from his Facebook, it will show in the menu Unfriends.

That’s it, Now you have successfully find friends that delete your from his friends list

Written by kaylee
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  3. This sounds like a cool site. But personally for me, I wouldn’t want to know who unfriend-ed me on Facebook anymore. It’ll only hurt my feelings and make me feel bad anyway! Haha!

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