How To Fix 404 Error Page on wp-admin

Recently, my server got an error 404 on wp-admin after update Apache and PHP with Mod Security enabled. We also added some mod on this server. We are tested all new setting work without any wories. But recently something terrible happen. All of my site on the same server can’t access into wp-admin. When I tried to logging I got 404 error page. I have test on all my WordPress site and have some problem.

404 Error Page on wp-admin - Valentino Rossi 2011 on Ducati
Valentino Rossi 2011 on Ducati

And here some four recommendation, how to fix 404 error page on wp-admin.

To fix your wp-admin error 404 you can try one by on on this tips.

  1. Make sure that wp-admin folder exists and all its contents are there.
  2. Disable all plugins by going to the plugins directory wp-content/plugins and renaming the plugins folder to something like plugins.bak. Then try access the dashboard and see if it lets you in, if it does, then it’s a plugin causing the issue.
  3. If disabling the plugins directory, try renaming the .htaccess file to something else and see if that helps.
  4. If all else fails, contact your host and have them check for Mod Security rules that are being hit(which I doubt very much).

On my Server, we have test all of this steps and after I disable mod Security and compile my Apache Server again. Now I can access my wp-admin again. We will try to enable again and check it, why with mod security my wp-admin become 404 Error. So do you have some problem with me?


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