If data accidentally deleted, what techniques to restore your data?

The data in the flash or hard drive you accidentally deleted? Do not worry, it can still be returned anyway. Data lost due to accidental deletion, formatted or subject to re-partition can still be saved using the data rescue application. But doing it once as first aid.

  • Stop using the media. If the data erased, not again enter data into the data storage media such as hard disks, flash disks, memory cards and so on.
  • Disable media. If you use a flash drive or memory card, unmount or eject immediately do so no other data are recorded there.
  • Disconnect the hard disk. If data is lost due to hard disk accidentally or intentionally exposed to format the hard disk is partitioned and is still in active use on a PC, it’s good to immediately remove or disable because there is still the possibility of re-written by the system.
  • Turn the write protect. In some of the flash disk or memory card there is usually a special lever to protect the media from writing data or delete. Sliding into the lock position if the data you deleted there.
  • Do not re-partitioned. Errors that PC users do not accidentally delete a partition on its hard disk is making a new partition in the same place. Do not do this, because it can be done during the recovery partition is completely erased.


Good news from the users of the iphone or itunes is a good sync with itunes on the PC. If no data is lost from the iphone, we can perform a recovery from a PC or Mac that has iTunes with the help of data recovery applications finalseeker iphone. This application had to be purchased now will be used, but quite worthed for you who have important data. Here’s how to use iphone finalseeker data recovery.

  • Download application at http://www.finalseeker.com/downloads/data-recovery-for-itunes-trial-exe. You also will need to know. Net framework 4.0 to run this application.
  • Run the software. Select the position you last iphone backup from the list. Connect your iphone to itunes yes, that deleted data is not overwritten.
  • If it is selected click start scan, then all the data in the back-up will be shown by application finalseeker iphone data recovery. Please selected which will be restored.
  • In addition to a photograph, this applied also to restore your other data such as contact list, call history, text messages, and so on.

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