Opera Mobile and Opera Mini updated to 11.5 versions

Good news came from the famous Opera browser. As we know when this happens tough competition between popular browsers fatherly interest to users.

Opera 11.5 versions
Opera 11.5 versions

Now, to continue the competition and trying to attract attention. The popular mobile browsers Opera Mini and Opera Mobile have now been updated to the 6.5 and 11.5 versions, respectively, now for BlackBerry, iOS and Symbian users.

The biggest addition in the changelog is a data counter, which allows you to follow how much bits and bytes you’ve amassed during the browsing sessions. The browsers also inform you how much data they are saving you via the server-side caching of pages Opera has been doing way before Amazon Kindle Fire dropped with the Silk browser.

Data counting is done via a separate page in the help menu, and not by an actual counter tucked somehwere by the address bar. Right there, however, we have a star now, which allows you to quickly bookmark a site to the Speed Dial home page, saving a few steps compared to the previous Opera versions for mobile. For more information, you can see the original site and please get it now.

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  1. very interesting, I’ve been using Opera browser for a long time, mini version is the fastest among the other browsers.

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