Try the features of Windows 8

From some of the features available in Windows 8 applications, in general no significant changes. Only from the desktop display made ​​quite attractive and easier to use some applications that exist in it. You may be having a little trouble if not used to using this operating system, which in general there are some changes that are located on the menu and navigation are also used. Some features available in Windows 8 are intended to provide convenience to the user’s computer in order to maximize the main functions that are often used. Similarly, for some facilities that have been integrated with some other accessories, such as networking setting and Bluetooth-based devices.

windows 8

While for some of the features associated with multimedia, Windows 8 seems to have anticipated, especially when it is widely available multimedia services are available free of charge and also gives a lot of convenience. From some of the features available in Windows 8, some of them only have a few changes, especially the use of facilities and supporting existing applications. While for some of the features that are not yet there is still a concern of the facilities will be made ​​easier, especially for some multimedia features that have been using high technology, such as 3D applications.

In addition to these features, Windows 8 also is equipped with network security features, especially if you frequently surf the Internet. Some facilities, such as the firewall has also been improved, both in terms of completeness of the features and functions of each application such as “add on” and some other security apps.

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