Wireless Internet Connection without the Ad-Hoc

One of the applications that you can use to share an internet connection wi-fi is a virtual router. As with Connectively and wifi hotspot creator, the app will turn your computer into a virtual wifi hotspot, so that others can connect to the computer and use the internet. Applications open source is based on the router to a PC with the Windows operating system and windows server 2008 R2.

Use virtual router to share a wide range of Internet connections to all wi-fi devices (laptops, smart phones, ipod touch, android phones, notebooks, and so on). All connections that occur via virtual router uses WPA2 wireless encryption which is the relative safest. It’s a fun, virtual router can be installed at home, offices, schools, airports, terminals, bus, libraries, parks, hospitals and any area you want.

Its not only completely free, but I would not bother premises advertising. That way, the virtual router does not track your web traffic and various other types of tracking are usually done by an app with ads. Here are the steps to use the virtual router steps:

  1. Download the app at the following address, then run the installation process.
  2. Run the app virtual router, and the window manager v0.9 beta app virtual router opened.
  3. Enter the name of the wi fi network would you make to the ad network name
  4. Select and set the password that you will use on a wifi network.
  5. Use the drop down menu to select the shared connection that will connect you to.
  6. Click on the start button to start the virtual router hotspot you.
  7. We can see all the computers are connected to a wifi with a look at the peers connected.

Know no different way virtual router with ad-hoc? Ad-hoc is suitable for connecting two computers, and to share the internet connection as well as for each file. But the internet speed is slower than virtual router technology can only be used to share Internet connection to a computer.


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