Change eBooks for diverse devices

Resentful of having to switch from one application to another application when the converter will convert the document and make it more palatable when the book is read on eBook reader device? Life of hamster free eBook converter to change to make it more readable eBooks on eBook reader device. Hamster free eBook converter supports various eBook reader devices, ranging from the Amazon Kindle, iPad, Asus, Sony Reader, Nook, and more. Several file formats are supported by the app are TXT, Adobe, PDF, LIT, ePub, and LRF.

Immediately download the app at: http;/ / / en / home. This eBook converter you can use of to convert PDF files to be nice and comfortable when it is read on the Sony Reader, iPod, iPad, iPhone, PSP, Blackberry, Zune, iRiver, and so on.

Amu’s time for a change eBook files with a variety of devices hamster free book converter:

  1. Run the app, and then click adds more. You can add many documents would you change for your eBook reader. After the file is added to the app, you can see thumbnails with file extensions that will be easy for you to choose, and the size of each book.
  2. Name to rename the file you are going to conversion, click on the file name, enter a new title that you want, and then press enter.
  3. Click the next button at the top of the interface to select the device that you will use to read eBooks.
  4. At the interface devices, select a variety of eBook reader device model. At the formats and platforms, select the output file format. If you choose Sony, you can choose various PRS models, and formats compatible with these devices.
  5. After selecting the output of the reader and the eBook file format, click convert, then specify the output location and start the conversion process.
  6. Click the stop button to stop the conversion process is running.

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