How To Fix PocketMoney iPhone App Sync

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PocketMoney is my currently app to manage my finance. This app have nicely UI and many feature inside. Before using PocketMoney, I’ve tested Expenditure (too simple) and Money 5 / iBearMoney (too complicated and buggy). Like on MoneyWell, PocketMoney have Desktop Apps too. The Desktop Application much cheaper (19$) than MoneyWell ($49.99).

Main problem that I got from Catamount Software Forum is Sync between iPhone Apps and Desktop Apps. I have the problem too, until this morning I made same tested and it’s work. Here is what I did to fix my PocketMoney sync problem.

  1. Launch your PocketMoney Desktop (in my case using Mac version)
  2. Then you need to start sync server (File > Start Sync Server or Click icon on the Right Side)
  3. Go to PocketMoney Preferences to check the server Synchronization and check the server IP Address and the Port. (mostly the problem started here) The IP Address listed on the preferences not same with current my MacBook Pro address. So I forget the IP, I am only need remember the Port (9191)

    PocketMoney Sync Preferences
    PocketMoney Sync Preferences
  4. Then I go to my MacBook Pro Network Preferences  and check my Real IP Address.

    MacBook Pro Network Preferences
    MacBook Pro Network Preferences
  5. After I got my Real IP Address, I launch my PocketMoney iPhone Apps and go to PocketMoney Sync and fill the Server Address and Port and started Sync.

    PocketMoney iPhone App Sync
    PocketMoney iPhone App Sync
  6. That’is it, PocketMoney sync will began and you can wait until it done

Maybe you have same problem and this tutorial worked or not please let’s me know. We hope simple ways to To Fix PocketMoney iPhone App Sync useful.

Written by Jauhari
This is me Nurudin Jauhari. Just human like you, I come from Gunungkidul, small place at Yogyakarta, Living in Malang 1998-2004 and Today I live at @DesaPonjong Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta. I was born 30/04/1980 in Ponjong, small village in Gunungkidul, Almost my time in 1 - 15 Years stay at this Village. More Profile

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3 Replies to “How To Fix PocketMoney iPhone App Sync”

  1. Thanks for the information on the PocketMoney app. Does anyone know if this is available for the Droid? I tried searching and could not find it. Thanks.

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