Ubuntu 10.10: How to Save Batteries Energy Notebook / Laptop

Do you feel the battery netbook/laptop is very wasteful? Disturb you while doing office work?

Netbook ubuntu
Netbook ubuntu

Here are some tips to further save battery energy for your netbook/laptop.

  1. Go to the Power Management menu. The trick, click the menu System-Preferences-Power Management. After performing the page Power Management Preferences, go to the On Battery Power tab.
  2. If you frequently leave the netbook / laptop for a long enough period of time or even to be left to sleep, you can set your laptop mode you are in “sleep” in a certain period of time. To do this, specify the desired period of time so that the computer was in sleep mode, on the Put the computer to sleep option when inactive for:
  3. Ubuntu 10. 10 - laptop power management
    Ubuntu 10. 10 - laptop power management
  4. If at any time you’re at work using a laptop, but suddenly had to leave work that still must be resolved because the responsibility should go to another location. You want the working conditions in its original condition when the laptop lid is closed conditions later reopened, then you can select the Suspend option on the parameter When laptop lid is closed.
  5. Ubuntu 10. 10 - laptop power management 2
    Ubuntu 10. 10 - laptop power management 2
  6. If you want to shorten the sleep time monitor display when inactive condition, you can change the timing to 1 or 5 minutes at the option of Put display to sleep when inactive for:
  7. Ubuntu 10. 10 - laptop power management 3
    Ubuntu 10. 10 - laptop power management 3


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