Top news on the World Cup Brazil 2014

2014 World Cup mat that is currently taking place in Brazil became the main theme of the most widely discussed by Facebook users. The research team belonging to Mark Zuckerberg’s social networking was reported that there were about 149 million users are commenting, giving Like and post a variety of things related to the 2014 World Cup during the first week that the event took place.

wordl cup event brazil 2014

In addition, there were also more than 459 million users who make the interaction between states and the participants of the 2014 World Cup players as the main review.

Further explained, the 2014 World Cup to be a theme that is very popular among Facebook users. Even capable of exceeding various other sporting events, such as the American Super Bowl 2014 recorded 50 million interactions, and the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics with 45 million interactions.

“We always see the level of enthusiasm in the Facebook conversation related event-largest sporting event., But what is shown by the time the World Cup was incredible,” said Vice President of Global Operations and Media Facebook, Justin Osofsky, as reported by CBSNews pages.

Besides being able to exceed the number of interactions other sporting event, the theme of the 2014 World Cup is also more ‘hot’ than the title of Academy Awards (Oscar) that in fact departed from the entertainment industry. The award for the world’s filmmakers simply recorded 11.3 million interactions.

Osofsky also explained, trio singers Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez and Claudia Leitte at the opening ceremony of the 2014 World Cup be the most photo shared on Facebook in the first week of the four-yearly tournament title in progress. In the second place there is a photo of a young Brazilian star, Neymar Junior.


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